Great pre-made wedding package is perfect to take the stress away from your DIY wedding! When you're making the wedding yourself, you want it easier and this pre-made package will help you out. Sold in bulk wholesale and retail.

Party of 120: Plastic Decor Crystal White-Silver


Planning a wedding? The Plastic Decor Crystal Silver-White Package is exactly what you need! These unique and stylish plastic plates, cutlery, and tumblers provides an upscale look that mimics real china.


  • 120 Decor Crystal Silver 10.25" Plastic Plates
  • 120 Decor Crystal Silver 7.25" Plastic Plates
  • 120 Savvi Serve 10 oz. Square Bottom Plastic Tumblers
  • 120 Silver Secrets Polished Silver Plastic Forks
  • 120 Silver Secrets Polished Silver Plastic Spoons
  • 120 Silver Secrets Polished Silver Plastic Knives

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Full Description
Colour: Polished Silver
Material: Thick Rigid Plastic
Shape: Round
Cutlery Colour: Polished Silver
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