Why is wholesale purchasing a practical choice for businesses?

When you are planning on hosting a significant event, you have quite a bit of work to do in order to make the event successful. You might be planning a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception, birthday party, retirement party, or even work for the party, but the basic party planning methods are consistent across the board.

  • Acquire a place to host the event
  • Book catering and beverage services
  • Provide appropriate event decorations
  • Use a guest list and budget to stay on track

These necessary steps will keep you organized and help make your event a success. Once you have secured your location for the event and met with a catering company and beverage company you will need to work out a proper theme for the event and work in decorations and even party accessories to make the event stand out a bit. Make sure you stay on budget and consider using wholesale services to cut back on merchandise expenses.

Can You Save Money By Purchasing Wholesale Instead of Retail?

It is easy to get swept up in the planning of an event and derail from your budget. If you look at companies that offer wholesale pricing, you will end up saving a bit of money on merchandise. You can go directly to your favourite big box store and purchase 20 centrepieces for your event, but you have to consider some things:

  • Retail stores pay for overhead operating expenses such as rent and utilities
  • Retail stores pay for employees and insurance
  • Retail stores keep a limited amount of product on hand
  • Retail shopping often cannot accommodate large bulk orders

If you opt to purchase wholesale directly from a party supply company, you are cutting out the middle man; the retail store. You will instantly notice savings from the start due to the items still being in boxes and coming directly from the warehouse. Often wholesale prices feature savings discounts on larger orders. This means that the more you purchase, the higher your savings on already reduced price inventory. This is a win-win for anyone with a strict budget for the event they are hosting.

Can You Save By Purchasing Serving Dishes Rather Than Renting From a Vendor?

Some party spaces do not offer plates, bowls, silverware, or any cups or dishes. If this is the dilemma that you find yourself in, then you need to either rent serve wear from a vendor or you will need to purchase your own that can be thrown away for a fast clean up. Plastic bowls wholesale as well as plates and silverware will be much more inexpensive than buying them in small quantities from resale stores. The larger your order from your wholesale provider the more substantial your savings so if you need plastic bowls wholesale for salads, punch, desserts or soup you will find your savings adding up as your order gets larger. The misconception that wholesale products are dated or damaged is ridiculous. Wholesale products are the same products you may find on the shelf of your favourite mass retailer except they have not been opened yet and are available in bulk. Give your wallet a rest and purchase your plates, cups, forks, spoons and plastic bowls wholesale and focus any savings in your budget to centrepieces and appreciation gifts.

Partytrends are able to help people save money on their decorative accessories and focus any remaining room in the budget on gifts and other services to make the event truly memorable. More information can be found here to help create a magical one of a kind event