Want a Lasting Marriage? Put your Wedding Dinner on a Tight Budget

More and more couples are opting for a casual and intimate wedding that doesn’t break the budget. Saving for a new house is often a higher priority, when it comes to spending money.

But now there’s another reason for couples to keep a lid on the budget. Research shows that couples that spend less on their wedding have lower divorce rates and longer marriages. Maybe saving money for other expenses reduces the stress in a marriage. Whatever the reason, more couples are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their wedding.

The wedding dinner can be one of the most expensive items. You still want great food and a beautiful atmosphere. So how can you pare down costs when planning the dinner?

Consider DIY wedding planning

Do it yourself with a low cost venue – your backyard or living room! Invite your friends and family to a decoration making party. Skip the champagne and serve beer and wine. Imagine flipping some burgers at a backyard barbecue wedding. Some couples are opting for brunch weddings. And even potluck weddings are starting to become popular.

Save money with disposable dishes

Choosing disposable dishes is an easy way to reduce costs while maintaining a beautiful look at the table. With the high quality and beautiful colours available, your guests may even think they’re real.

Save even more money with disposable cutlery

Tie a ribbon around your menu card and napkins with matching disposable cutlery tucked inside. You can choose a simple silver polished style or dress it up with your theme colours.

Choose vibrant colours for your wedding dinner

If you’re opting for disposable dishes and disposable cutlery, you can choose a variety of colours. For a touch of elegance, try a metallic shade, such as gold disposable cutlery and high quality plastic plates and bowls that look real.

Go for convenience and relax at your DIY wedding

Don’t forget that DIY wedding planning is not just about saving money. It’s also about the convenience for you and your guests. If you’ve decided on a DIY wedding, make the clean up easy and quick by choosing disposable dishes and cutlery. At a DIY wedding, you’ll want everything cleared away quickly after dinner to save time and space for the fabulous party to follow.

Try an event package for your table settings

Take the stress off yourself and look at the event packages available for your wedding dinner. You can customize a package of disposable dishes in the style and colours you want. Choose the number of place settings you need and have them delivered right to your home. Whether you want classic white, or a combination of complementary colours, you can choose from a variety of coordinated colours and styles when taking advantage of an event package.

Do you think lowering your wedding budget will improve your chances for a long and happy marriage? No one knows for sure. But if you’re looking to reduce your costs with DIY wedding planning, disposable cutlery and dishes, Partytrends offers an elegant solution. Follow the trend toward inexpensive weddings, and visit Partytrends today.