Trusted by professional caters, our unbreakable glassware to cater your every need with elegance

Looking for ways to amplify your next dinner party? Do you want affordable pieces with timeless elegance? Do you want to impress your guests and have them talking about your hosting skills until the next party? Then look no further. Our disposable and sturdy dinnerware is just what you need. Designed with the most extravagant parties in mind, our unbreakable glassware fits into any theme anywhere. From simple, yet sophisticated pieces to complex and modern designs, our glassware offers something for everyone, no matter what your style is.

Who We Are

Located in the capital of Canada–Toronto, Ontario–we offer the entire North American continent supplies for their next big party. Our company is dedicated to ascertaining that our products are of the highest quality and that our customers are satisfied. Understanding the needs of our customers, we offer the lowest prices available on the market.

What We Offer

At Partytrends, we understand how much hard work and careful planning goes into the perfect party. We have made the process a little easier for you, by providing you with almost everything you need, in one place. We offer a wide variety of products such as disposable tablecloths, paper napkins, bowls and plates, plastic drinkware, and cutlery. Our unbreakable glassware will make it through even the most chaotic parties–leaving you with a little less to be concerned about. Our designs range from classic ceramic and white, glossy, porcelain designs to black, modern designs with matte finishes.

Our breathtaking collections include A Touch of Class, Conserveware, Décor, Decorline, EcoTrends, Flairware, Form & Function - Better Than Linen, Glitz, Gold Secrets, Govino, Hanna K Signature, Heritage, Home Fashion - Be Different, IHR Ideal Home Range, Lenox American by Design, Lillian, Lillian Tablesettings, Nicole Home Collection, Party Dimensions and many more.

When you or your guests use our products, you won’t be able to tell that you are not using real china or silverware. Our sturdy glassware plates have the look and feel of real china. Our cutlery such as our knives, spoons, and forks are silver polished to look identical to their steel or silver counterparts. Our stemless wine glasses–particularly from the Govino collection–replicate a glass look with modern touches.

Our Unbreakable Glassware

Our glassware–known for being high-quality and being disposable–is trusted by professional caterers and event planners. Our glassware designs are not only beautiful–but being unbreakable makes them the obvious choice even by the highest of professionals, who want to ensure their clients are satisfied. For that reason, we also offer wholesale prices on cases for large parties, so that our customers are never short on supplies. With our place setting decor to go along with our glassware, your dining table will look complete and stunning.