​Top 5 Reasons to Buy Disposables for Your Upcoming Wedding

When buying wedding supplies, the many decisions you have to make for your upcoming wedding are huge! With Partytrends, we make the decision about dishes easy. Disposable wedding supplies are the way to go with your wedding. With renting, washing, packing, and cleaning up plates - it’s much easier to buy disposables! When buying wedding plates, you can have a couple people cleaning up in no time - and once you’re done, you’re done! Here are Partytrends’ top 5 reasons to buy wedding plastic plates for your big day:

  1. The first and foremost is ease. There is virtually no cleanup! It takes almost no time to throw out disposables, but with reusable dishes, most of the time, you’re on your own. Caterers usually refuse to wash and clean the dishes, which means that you need to also - on top of cost of renting the dishes - have to hire a company to wash the dishes! Most dish rental places want the dishes back the way they were found.
  2. When renting out dishes, you have to check every single one of them for chips and cracks. With disposables, if it’s broken it’s not a massive loss. After your big day, the last thing you want to do is make sure that none of the dishes will break and no one has chipped any of them.
  3. The next top reason is noise. When the MC starts talking and someone drops their cutlery - there won’t be a huge interruption with noise. Granted plastic won’t make the same clinking noise that glass can make - but is it worth the worry of some guy’s elbow knocking over the China?
  4. Disposable dishes also have many different options. Instead of plain white plates, you can buy elegant goldclassy silver, or glass-like clear. Or, you can mix and match! There are lots of choices and styles to choose from that will match your theme to a T. We also have plastic wine glasses and plastic champagne flutes available.
  5. If you’re the type that worries about the environment - there are eco-friendly options out there as well! Recyclable and beautiful, you can buy plates made of fallen leaves. This means that they didn’t cut down trees to make them, rather they went into the forest and took leaves already on the ground! They covered the plates in biodegradable materials to protect your food - it’s not only safe, it’s also Earth friendly!