Top 10 Partytrends Products from 2015 |

Top 10 Partytrends Products from 2015 |

Our elegant plastic disposable dinnerware was a smashing success at many momentous occasions throughout the year. We have helped our special brides celebrate their big day, hotel chains serve toasts, popular bars shake their cocktails, and many more events were set up with class in 2015.

Join us as we present to you the top ten products of 2015!

#10 - Square Splendor Plastic Plates

The Square Splendor plastic plates were popular for the holidays! Christmas, Easter, and more - these added class and style to every table they were at. These high-quality disposable plastic plates are great for elegant dinner parties, birthday events, or holidays.

You can find these disposable plates and more by clicking here.

#9 - Silver Secrets Plastic Cutlery

These are always a classic! The Silver Secrets Plastic Cutlery has matching forksknives, and spoons. They are perfect with any place settings - gold, silver, clear, black, white, and more! They have been used at many different events and parties - the high-quality plastic has customers raving about them!

You can find these beautiful disposable pieces and more by clicking here.

#8 - Tiny 3.5" x 2.6" Black Plastic Tureens

These plastic disposable Tiny Tureens have been used for tasters, meals, and everything in between! Used at weddings, dinner parties, holiday events, and more - they are truly perfect for any event!

You can find these mini plastic disposable bowls and more by clicking here.

#7 - Square Serving Plastic Trays and Lids

These plastic serving trays are the heaviest disposable plastic trays on the market! Recommended by caterers across Canada, you cannot go wrong with them! Their quality and elegance is one-of-a-kind. With lids for transport, they are the perfect accent to any party with their size options and colours.

You can find these plastic disposable serving trays with optional lids and more by clicking here.

#6 - 2 oz. Shot Glasses

These were the tasting cup of the year! Used by hotels, health food companies, and many more - these little plastic disposable cups are truly magnificent! They are a strong plastic and a great price!

You can find these perfect plastic shot glasses and more by clicking here.

#5 - Flairware 5 oz. Champagne Flutes

Thousands of toasts were made with these elegant disposable flutes! Guests enjoyed the sophistication of glass with the convenience of plastic that these 5 oz. champagne flutes boast!

You can find these tall plastic champagne flutes and more clicking here.

#4 - 10 oz. Square Bottom Tumblers

These are our most popular cup! Taller than the round tumblers, these square bottom tumblers look great on the table without taking away from its size! Cases and cases were shipped all across Canada and the US - these were used to simplify many events, parties, and holiday tables. Our highest recommended tumbler from many different caterers!

You can find these disposable plastic cups and more clicking here.

#3 - Gold Secrets Cutlery

Much like their sister Polished Silver Cutlery, these disposable Polished Gold pieces come as forksknives, and spoons - and they just flew off the shelves! Caterers and party planners were excited for these from Fineline Settings. They look perfect with all types of plates - especially the Silver Splendor Gold + Bone plastic plates and bowls! These are a must-have at any dinner!

You can find gorgeous disposable plastic cutlery and more by clicking here.

#2 - 12 oz. Stemless Wine Glasses

Fineline Settings hit the mark again with these new stemless and reusable goblets! These glasses had rave reviews from bars, customers, caterers, party planners, and more! These are really a cut above the rest. They are virtually unbreakable and perfect for any event.

You can find these delightful stemless reusable wine glasses and more by clicking here.

#1 - Decor Hammered Plastic Plates

These plastic plates were the highlight of the year! Coming out only in July, the Decor Hammered disposable plastic plates and bowls were used over and over again. As the trendiest plates of the year, these gorgeous plates graced holiday tables, wedding tables, and many other elegant parties. Customers fell in love with the elegance and ease that these plates have to offer.

You can find these exquisite plastic disposable plates and more by clicking here.

Which of our products were your favourites? Do you think we missed any? Leave a comment with your favourite!

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