Tips for Throwing a Theme Party |

Tips for Throwing a Theme Party |

Whether you are planning a special celebration like a wedding or you just want to throw a great party, choosing a theme can help you pull it all together and create something really memorable. Creating a great theme party isn't as easy as picking any theme and just buying party items with the right pictures on them. Here are a few basic elements of a great theme party to help you put together a truly memorable event:

A Recognizable Theme

Your guests need to recognize the theme for it to be a good theme party. Otherwise, the party will just seem like a hodgepodge. For example, themes like "an elegant affair" or "French chic" are not always recognizable without some expert attention to detail. However, themes like "80s night" or "Hollywood glamour" are easy to put together with some instantly recognizable decor.

By choosing a recognizable theme, you will be able to choose your party elements and decor more easily, and you'll make a bigger impression on your guests.

Color Coordinate

When most people think about a theme, they think about the pictures or items that are included, like peace signs and beads for a hippie theme. However, the colors you choose for all your decor can have a big impact. For example, a spring theme would include pastels, or a Hollywood theme might include colors like black, white, silver and red.

The theme's colors can be used in everything from plates to linens to flowers to streamers. Make sure you choose at least two colors so you don't overwhelm the palette with one hue.

Select Dinner Ware

The right dinner ware can really enhance your theme. While you can get dinner ware that includes pictures that enhance your theme -- such as autumn leaves for a fall theme -- it is better to choose a style that complements your theme since printed photos can often seem cheesy. Therefore, if you have a fall theme, consider simple dinnerware in colors like gold or brown. If you choose a futuristic theme, dinnerware can include funky designs, as well, like geometrical plates.

Make the Right Food

Food is one of the most essential elements to your theme. The right food will really bring the theme to life. For example, if you are planning a rustic theme, you can serve farm-fresh foods like harvest salads and made-from-scratch pies. If you are planning a garden party theme, you could serve finger sandwiches, salads and refreshing cocktails.

Consider a Dress Code

Some themes naturally lend themselves to a dress code, such as a garden party theme or a 1960's theme. Consider asking people to dress in the style of the theme -- like formal dress for a Kentucky Derby theme -- or to dress up in costume to match the theme.

Just make sure that you don't create any unreasonable requests or make your guests feel uncomfortable. For example, not everyone may be able to afford dressing up in full masquerade regalia or may feel comfortable wearing togas.

A great theme can really make your party pop. The right planning and the right details can make your theme come together. Use these simple tips to make your next theme party one that your guests will love and remember for a long time.