Tips and Tricks That Every Event Planner Should Know

Planning an event can be a demanding task; you have to oversee various other departments and ensure your clients give the event a “thumbs up.” In the past, we have seen several events make history as the most prominent event failures. Still fresh in our minds is the 89th Oscars Awards where there was a mix up in the awarding of Best Picture. While statements were made to apologize on the mix-up, people still associate it as the worst failure in history. Nonetheless, here are four tips to guide you when planning an event.

1. The art of multitasking

For you to succeed in this industry, you need to know how to balance every activity. Typically, event planning involves planning, marketing, production, execution and ultimately the post-event stage. You can’t overemphasize on one and leave out the other. While carrying out each task, be sure to handle it with care and great attention. Having trouble with one task can result in a domino effect where other tasks will be troublesome. Lastly, remember for the event to be successful, you need your managers to be on their” A game.”

2. Always have a backup plan

It is no secret that we have seen several event failures in our time. In most cases, as an event planner, you got everything in place. However, in the last moment, something can happen, which could crumble your career. You need to have provisions in place to avoid such a catastrophe. An ideal event planner needs to have a backup plan for every trouble experienced. For instance, by creating a ticketing service ahead of schedule, should guide you on the number of guests to expect. If they are too low, you can try advertising more or lowering the price. In the case of a speaker canceling, you need to be aware before time. Typically, it is advised that you have your speakers sign a contract which includes a clause informing them to give prior warning in case they cancel their speech usually 24 hours or before.

3. Follow up with everyone

For you to succeed in this field, you need to be hands on. While every department may have a manager overseeing each task, ensure to follow each of it. Consult each supervisor on the progress of their jobs. This allows you to be creative in case of any unforeseen troubles.

4. Buy material in wholesale to save money

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For you to pull off a great event, you need to be skillful and also have a tremendous amount of attentiveness. You need to handle different tasks without overemphasizing on one and leaving out the other. Having a backup plan is ideal for every planner; in case of any disappointments, you can still pull off an eventful day. While buying wholesale disposable glasses in retail shops can be convenient, it is advisable to always buy from a distributor. has been known to offer quality products at unmatched prices. To discover some of these offers, check our website for more information.