The Newest Trend In Disposable Dinnerware-Palm Leaf Plates

At some point in life, you must have felt bad about throwing away paper plates, then again why wouldn’t you? Paper plates are made by cutting down trees, their production damages the environment more than you’d like to believe and they aren’t bio-degradable which means they will end up in a landfill somewhere. Palm Leaf Plates, on the other hand, are an eco-friendly and biodegradable as well as providing the same use as traditional paper plates making them the best alternative for disposable plastic tableware.

Palm Leaf Plates Are 100% Safe For The Environment

Palm Leaf Plates are made from the fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree which are grown widely throughout Asia or other BPI-certified compostable fallen leaves and water. Throughout the production of Palm Leaf Plates, there are almost no industrial plants or chemical that might harm the environment. The fallen leaves are collected dried up, stretched and flattened by hands whereas a heated press is used to mold the plates into shape. Through this method, a single leaf can be used to make multiple disposable plates that will let you entertain your guests in an eco-friendly manner.

Palm Leaf Plates Look Better

Compared to an ordinary paper plate or even everyday plates, a Palm Leaf Plates looks more textured as well as being more durable than paper plates. Compared to ordinary paper plates, Palm Leaf Plates are more solid and can re-used as well. Palm Leaf Plates are more stylish with patterns ranging from soft creamy shades to hard wood textures and come in a variety of different designs and shapes making them the perfect option to wow your friends or guests at your next party.

Palm Leaf Plates Are Odor Free

One of the biggest concerns I personally have with paper plates is their odor. Considering a number of chemicals that are used in producing paper plates, it only seems reasonable for paper plates to smell like them. In most cases, the strong odor can also affect the taste of the food which is the last thing anyone wants when entertaining guests. In comparison, Palm Leaf Plates are completely free of any odor due to their production process making them a far better option for parties and events.

Palm Leaf Plates Are Microwavable!

Even looking beyond the environmental benefits of Palm Leaf Plates the fact that they can be used to microwave food makes them perfect for heating food at any party or event. No one likes eating cold food and traditional paper plates would become all soggy after microwaving them. Palm Leaf Plates are made from hardened and dried leaves giving them the capability to be microwaved without any issues as well as making them more durable.

Palm Leaf Plates are the practical, conscious and fun option for any party or event. These can be taken to the office or any other place where you might need naturally beautiful, durable and compostable tableware.