Looking For a Great Party Idea? Try This!

You’re having a casual party and you’d like your different groups of friends to get to know each other. But separate groups of friends at parties tend to huddle together and talk to those they already know. You need party ideas that will mix it up and encourage some mingling. Try this game, all you need is some disposable party dishes and decoration. It’ll get people to mixing effortlessly, having fun and making new friends, in no time!

So where do you start? Follow the five steps below for a colourful evening of fun.

1. Pick up your party decorations in a variety of colours

Choose a funky mix of different colours for your party decor and buy an assortment of party decorations in those colours. Assign a specific colour to each guest. For large parties, make up colour teams of two or more people per colour. The object of the game is to earn and trade party decorations with other guests to make a complete colour-matched set.

2. Make up guest bags containing party decorations

Make up a bag for each guest with a full set of coloured items. Each item should be a different colour. Here are some suggested items for your mismatched set:

  • Disposable dishes
  • Disposable bowls
  • Disposable hot or cold cups
  • Disposable cutlery
  • A package of napkins
  • A party decoration of your choice

3. Break out your trivia game

Pick your favourite trivia cards or make them in your own theme, such as Bowie music trivia or Star Trek trivia. Add about ten trivia cards into each bag. Keep some aside in case anyone runs out.

4. With party decorations in hand, start mingling

The guests have arrived and the food is in the oven. The cocktails are served and it’s time to play. With bags in hand, guests approach others to earn an item they’re collecting for their set. Each guest asks and answers one trivia question at each encounter. Guests answering correctly take an item in the desired colour from the other guest’s bag. They replace it with an unwanted item of a different colour. The first person to collect a matched set of items wins and becomes the bartender for those continuing to play.

When you have large numbers, assign each colour to more than one person. In this case, your guests play with their colour buddies. Once everyone has a matched set, guests with party decorations of the same colour sit together as a team while you award prizes.

5. Set the table for dinner and eat

Success! The game is complete and everyone is talking and meeting new friends. Call everyone to set the table with their items. Then stand back and look at the party decor to see an explosion of colour.

Do you want to create the perfect party experience for your friends? For a variety of disposable dishes and party decor ideas, visit Partytrends to find everything you need. If you need help with a special theme, give us a call at 1-888-405-8757.