How to Set Perfect Christmas Table |

How to Set Perfect Christmas Table |

Tips to Set Elegant Christmas Table

Spending time with family is the whole point of Christmas, and that usually culminates in a large, festive dinner with everyone. While you may be focused on what you are going to cook, you should also pay some attention to how you set the table. The right table setting can make the dinner seem more formal and special.

You can be creative with your table setting to create any kind of look you like. Here are a few ideas for how you can create the perfect Christmas table setting:

Choose a Theme

Your Christmas table will include many elements, including the dishes, linens and decorations. In order for all those elements to work together, you need to choose a theme for your table setting.

Fortunately, themes are easy to come by for Christmas. You might choose a classic option, like a red, gold and green color scheme or poinsettia and bells for decorations. Or you might choose something a bit more classic, like a silver and white color scheme for a winter wonderland. Whatever theme you choose, it should guide your selections for the whole table.

Use Elegant Disposable Dinnerware

Fine china may look beautiful on a Christmas table, but it also takes a long time to clean up all those dishes when the dinner is done. Instead, choose elegant disposable dinnerware that you can just toss when dinner is finished.

You can buy china-like dinnerware that will look just as sophisticated as the real thing, as well as disposable stemware. Your guests will never know that they are eating off disposable dinnerware until they hold the items in their hands.

Create Centerpieces

The food may be the main attraction on your Christmas table, but creating beautiful centerpieces can also bring the table together. Choose a beautiful bowl or vase and fill it with items like pinecones, ornaments, balls of twine, and flowers. You can also wrap garland around the centerpiece.

Your centerpieces don't have to be elaborate to be beautiful. A simple arrangement can be enough to make an impact.

Make Name Tags

Sure, everyone at your Christmas dinner already knows each other, but name tags are a lovely touch that can make the dinner seem more formal and special. Print out names on a card stock, or use a nice pen to write them by hand. Place the name tags in a fun way, like inside a pine cone, on top of an ornament or in a small frame.

Your name tags can double as favors. For example, if you put the name on an ornament, the ornament can also be a gift.

Don't Overcrowd

You will have a lot on your Christmas table, from the food to the decorations to the dinnerware. Be careful not to let the table get overcrowded. Not only will it look too cluttered, but it also won't leave much room for people to enjoy their dinner.

Bring out your dinner in courses to leave as much room on the table as possible, and add whatever extensions to your table that you have available.

Use these tips to make a big impact with your Christmas table this year. You'll create a beautiful look, and the disposable dinnerware from this site will make clean up as easy as possible.