How to Organise a Buffet Table for Business Meeting |

How to Organise a Buffet Table for Business Meeting |

A buffet is the perfect choice for a large business meeting. You can accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and needs, and you can allow people to serve themselves with just the right foods and the right amounts to suit their palettes at the moment.

It is important that you set up the buffet table properly to not only make serving easier and faster, but also to create a professional presentation. Here are a few things you need to do to set up the buffet table to create the right experience at your next business meeting:

Serving Platters

Use stainless steel serving dishes to not only keep the area sanitized but also to create a nice presentation. Ensure that all the hot foods are kept hot with burners and the cold foods kept cold with ice, and keep them all covered. Include at least two serving spoons, ladles or tongs for each dish to allow guests to serve themselves from both sides and keep the line moving.

Specialty Items

You can incorporate some design elements into the layout for specialty items. For example, instead of laying out cheeses or crudite on a large platter, you can serve them on tiered platters that bring them to eye level and take advantage of vertical space. Small packets of butter, jelly or other garnishes and condiments can be arranged in a bowl over a dome of crushed ice.


Label each and every item on the buffet with small, decorative signs. Each sign should say not only what the dish is, but also the ingredients. This will help people choose the right items to honor their dietary preferences and avoid potential allergens.

Have fun with the signs and make them decorative as well as functional. Use nice fonts, scroll work or other embellishments. People will appreciate these small details to make the table look nicer.


You don't want to overcrowd a buffet table with decorations, but a few items can make the table look nicer. A garland is a good choice. You can weave it between or around the dishes, or just hang it in swags from the table. A bouquet or two sitting in the middle or at either end of the table can also look nice.


Good linens are also a must for setting up a buffet table. A plain, white tablecloth is a standard choice, but you can experiment with different colors or even a border along the edge. You can also choose a table skirt to create a more look around the sides. Consider choosing linens that match the color of the company's logo to boost team spirit.

A buffet may be a bit more casual than a sit-down dinner, but it is just as important to create a professional presentation and one that makes guests feel welcome. It is also important to balance both functionality and design, ensuring that the line moves quickly and guests get everything they need, while also enjoying the ambience that has been created. These simple tips can help you create a successful buffet table for each business meeting or event that you set up. Just make sure you choose some great food, and the meeting should be a great success.