How to Decorate With Plastic Plates, Plastic Cups and Patterned Napkins

Is your living space a little flat? Are your friends coming to see your new place before you’ve really settled in? When you need to decorate in a pinch, why not try something quick, easy and inexpensive?

Create some fabulous home decorating effects using disposable dishes, cups and napkins. You might be surprised at how easily you can turn your living space into a fun and trendy place to visit. Check out these 7 innovative ideas:

1. Hang plastic plates in a bubble motif

Do you have a blank wall behind your dining room set? Don’t want to spend a lot on a fancy wall medallion? Why not make your own? Buy a bunch of lightweight wall hangers and some affordable plastic plates in different colours and sizes. Sketch out your own design – maybe bubbles floating up to the ceiling – and hang them according to your sketch.

2. For a variation, double up on the plastic plates

Single plastic plates work well to achieve the effect above, but maybe you’d like to take the design a little further. Try gluing small plastic plates onto the larger ones using complementary colours They can stand alone in the centre of the wall or maybe even point the way to another one of your favourite wall hangings.

3. Build on the theme using plastic cups

For a variation on the effect you created above, glue some clear mini plastic cylinders to the plates. After fixing your ensembles to the wall, add coloured sand or beads into the plastic cups and arrange a few sprigs of herb cuttings into each cup. Voila! You have a beautiful herb garden right in your dining room!

4. Stencil sentiments onto the plastic plates

Another variation adds a touch of personalization to your wall decor. Use a stencil or vinyl lettering to add some favourite family sentiments onto your plates (love, home, family). For a child’s room, stencil their name or initials for a big hit.

5. Use paper cups to build wall art

If you have room, maybe you’d prefer a trendy art design for your bare wall. How about adding a 3D effect made from paper cups? Picture this: A layer of gold paper cups fixed to the wall in a triangle shape for some art projecting right out of your wall.

Have lots of bare wall? Make it as big as you want and arrange a few dried flowers in the cups. Imagine that – you’ve transformed your living space into a modern art gallery in just a couple of minutes. Talk about a conversation starter for your guests!

6. How about growing a tree on your wall with paper plates?

Ok, so you’re not into modern art. Would you like to create a playful atmosphere in your family room? Why not grow a tree on your wall? Paint a tree trunk with long branches and lots of blank space.

Throwing a children’s birthday party? Get the kids involved and have some fun sticking paper plates all over the branches. Make the plates overlap to create some lush and colourful foliage. Add a few paper plates with white centres and let the kids draw on them. Now add some bird decorations. Or hang origami birds made of patterned napkins and let them fly around the tree. Stand back, take pictures of the kids and enjoy your paper plate tree!

7. Go even further with the patterned napkins

You’re amazing! In no time you’ve become an interior designer with just a few paper cups, plastic plates and plastic cups. If you want to add even more to your design, pick up a variety of colourful napkins and make them into fans with an accordion fold. Glue them together forming a circle and hang them on your wall or from the ceiling around your paper plate tree.

Do you have more creative ideas for decorating your living space with paper plates, plastic cups, plastic plates and patterned napkins? Tell us about it in the comments below and send us some pictures. For a variety of decor ideas, visit Partytrends to find everything you need. If you need even more ideas, give us a call at 1-888-405-8757.