How to Choose Plastic Plates for Formal or Informal Event |

How to Choose Plastic Plates for Formal or Informal Event |

Tips to Choose Plastic Dinnerware for Your Next Event

You don't have to break out the fine china for formal dinner parties and other events, and you don't have to relegate your plastic dinner plates to barbecues and kids' birthday parties. Plastic dinner plates from this collection come in a wide variety of colours and designs, allowing you to set a table for any event, whether formal or informal.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right plastic dinner plates for your next event:


Formal dinner plates tend to be sedate in color. White is the color of choice, but colors like gold, silver, black and even garnet can also look beautiful on a formal dinner table.

Bright colors across the rainbow are appropriate for casual get togethers and birthday parties. If you have a theme, you can pick out a color to match. Otherwise, just pick any color that you like.


China is instantly recognizable by its pattern. Elegant designs are what make the dinnerware look sophisticated. When picking out plastic dinner plates for your formal event, you'll need to choose plates that have a formal looking design. These elegant plastic plates can look like the real thing from a distance.

With casual events, you can pick any design that looks like fun. Balloons, flowers, cartoon characters and animals can all look right at home on a setting for a birthday party or barbecue. Of course, no design at all also works in any setting.


Most disposable party ware is light and flimsy. In fact, you could load up a plate with food and have it flop over out of your hands. Elegant plastic plates have a heavier weight. They are usually a very hard plastic that can look and feel like real plates. Your guests might have to look at the plates a few times before determining if they are real or disposable.

You don't want to choose the cheap stuff for your casual parties either, but you don't have to choose as heavy a weight. So long as the plate is sturdy enough to hold a good burger and some potato salad, you're all good.

Choosing the right plastic plates for parties can make the difference to setting the tone for a formal or casual get together. Use these tips to help you pick out the right plastic dinner plates for your next celebration.