How To Choose Complementary Colour Schemes To Make Your Next Party A Hit

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Party planning can be loads of fun, but deciding on a complementary colour scheme can get a bit stressful, especially when you’re overwhelmed with so many gorgeous colours and party colour schemes.

A colour schemes can determine the atmosphere at your event, so we’ve broken down which colours go best together to make one of the most difficult parts of party planning a breeze the next time you throw one.

Use A Colour Wheel To Find Complementary Colour Schemes

Remember in elementary school when you were forced to learn the colours of a colour wheel? Well, choosing colour schemes for parties is the perfect opportunity to put what you learned to good use. Don’t worry, if you can’t remember, here’s a brief refresher.

Any of these opposite colours go well with each other, and various shades of the same colours work together, as well. For example, hot pink and baby pink go nicely together, as do baby blue and royal blue.

When planning a party, ­you’ll want to pick party colour schemes that go well together, so our best advice is to put your two chosen colours beside each other and see if they look nice together. Remember, this colour scheme will be all over your party, so you want to make sure the colours don’t compete with each other, but rather complement each other.

Mix Patterns With Solids

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with some patterned décor. That being said, for a look that goes perfectly together, keep the colour of the solid print and the colour of the patterned print within the same colour family. Sticking with a single shade will ensure a sophisticated look, while pairing different shades of one colour lead to a more fun and modern look.

For instance, check out some bold coloured disposable dishes you can use, and find a pattern that complements your choice!

Black And White Go With Everything

If you’re still a bit worried about finding complementary colour schemes for parties, you can never go wrong with classic black or white, or even both together! You can stick with all black for a sophisticated black-tie event (it’s called that for a reason!), white for a more casual event, or mix them together for an artsy look.

If you truly want to incorporate a bold and beautiful colour but are worried about what colour schemes to incorporate with it, you can never go wrong with mixing one colour with either black or white.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold…Sometimes It’s Silver!

Glitter isn’t for every event, but it can be incorporated into many party colour schemes. The glitz of gold or silver can be used for weddings, sweet sixteens (or any other birthday), or special anniversaries, especially the gold (50) and silver (25) anniversaries.

The most common metallic colours are silver and gold, but more colours are being offered nowadays including pewter, bronze and copper. You can almost always find a metallic colour to match whichever other colour scheme you choose. Some of the most popular pairings are white, blue, and black. Just remember, no matter which metallic you choose, it should be an accent. Too many metallic, shiny surfaces can be overwhelming!

Check out some gold disposable dishes, or silver disposable dishes that may make a great pairing with your current colour scheme!

No matter what colour scheme you choose to go with the next time you’re party planning, Party Trends offers everything you need to make your party a complete success. View our selection of plastic cutlery, plastic plates, and plastic drinkware to find the perfect styles and colours you need.