How Hiring a Caterer For Your Party Can Help You Avoid Disaster

It’s party season and you have several events you are responsible for organizing. With your budget in hand, you wonder whether you should ask everyone to bring potluck, prepare everything yourself, order in pizza, or hire a caterer. Caterers will come with plastic dishes, caterware and special dishes for caterers. If you have the budget, hiring a caterer is the right answer every time. Here’s why.

Party theme: look like a pro

Unless you’re a pro, throwing together a classy affair for your office peers with decorations, complete with music and a cleanup plan for the disposable dishes is a daunting task for someone whose day job is something completely different. A caterer can do all this and make you look like an organizational genius. We’ve all been to DIY parties where awful food and cheesy decorations gave everyone an excuse to leave early. Who wants to eat Alice’s potato salad for the fifth year in a row? A caterer brings a little something special, and therefore memorable to your party!

Party theme: food safety

Food poisoning is a real threat to any meal thrown together haphazardly. While ordering in or having friends bring dishes is cheap and convenient, no one has been trained to ensure what foods have to be kept cold and what has to be kept hot, and at what precise temperatures each is safe to eat. The office fridge and the microwave in the lunchroom just won’t do. If the sausage rolls were served early in the evening and eaten late at night, it can easily happen. Giving your friends—and the boss—food poisoning isn’t fun for anyone.

Trained professional caterers know the procedures and protocols for making sure the food presented is not only delicious and looks fantastic, but is also safe for consumption.

Party theme: no stress

You are probably not an expert at choosing the correct caterware, disposable dishes, finding tables or wait staff, or deciding how much wine is enough. The stress and frustration of pulling it off might just lead to a casualty—you! You don’t want to dress up to the nines and then spend most of your time scraping plates and lugging garbage bags around. Remember you want to enjoy the party as well, and not worry about a thing. Professional caterers can provide you with that peace of mind and free you up to enjoy your own event!

Party theme: just what I ordered!

Dealing with suppliers, cooks, delivery people, hired wait staff and bartenders, means you will get lost in the minute details of the party. Without a coordinated effort from professionals, you will unlikely get what you were planning for. If this party is meant to impress clients, a haphazard affair will reflect on you and your company.

As the one tasked with delivering a satisfactory party, you should be the one to set the expectations for the party and then hand the responsibility over to a caterer. You will get exactly what you want, worry-free!

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