Here Is How You Can Throw A Budget-Friendly Luxurious Party

Throwing a party that is budget-friendly yet appears luxurious is more attainable than you imagine. Let us share some tips on items that make an impact on your guests, like tableware, decorations, lighting, and food. 

What Creates the Feeling of Luxury?

Luxury is all in the details. Small touches like using luxury paper napkins linen feel will elevate affordable place settings into something noteworthy. 

Interesting decorations do not have to be expensive. Brainstorm ideas for unique decorative displays that make a statement. 

Creating special lighting increases the feeling that you're at an "event" as opposed to a party. 

A simple selection of food and drink never disappoints. A signature cocktail and a few standout appetizers may be all you need to elevate your party into something exceptional when you offer it from dishes and stemware with a distinctive flair. At Partytrends we specialize in party supplies with an upscale appearance that won't bust your budget. We have a wide selection of disposable place settings and catering supplies at affordable prices. 

Read on for more tips from our Partytrends staff on how to create a luxurious party when you are on a tight budget.

  • Dinner and Serviceware

From uncommon designs to eco-friendly materials, the selection of disposable place settings for weddings and parties will amaze you. At you can find bamboo and palm leaf biodegradable plates, and quality plastic dinnerware from modern to antique. Luxury paper napkins linen feel are elegant, disposable, and economical. 

Disposable stemware that looks upscale is another affordable step in creating the feel of an expensive party. Impress guests with gorgeous stemware, and then stun them with individual glass-look plastic cocktail shakers so they can mix up their own creation at a make-your-own cocktail cart. 

At we offer all these items and more at prices so budget-friendly it may shock you. Why spend more for partyware you rent and have to wash? Part of a great party is not having to stress over clean up! 

  • Decoration

If you can find a party location that is architecturally appealing you are a step ahead. Adding just a few original floral displays may be all you need to finish off a modern, minimalistic look that screams refinement. 

Keeping color-schemes to two or three colors is ideal. Tone-on-tone decor, using subtly different shades of one color, creates a classy display that is visually relaxing, which heightens the feeling of luxury.

  • Lighting

Well-placed fairy lights and candles create intimacy when you dim overhead lights. Any setting that features flattering lighting makes guests feel attractive, which makes for an enchanting party.

Don't go overboard with lights. Draw guests to particular areas, like food, beverage or the dance floor, by lighting up these spaces with eye-catching displays which encourage circulation amongst your partygoers.

  • Food 

Whether you have a sit-down dinner or pass Hors d'Oeuvres at your next party, what you serve will dictate the level of luxury your guests will experience.

A little sprinkling of caviar on appetizers, for example, will dazzle guests. A little can go a long way and not overpower the flavor of the food. Clean ingredients with a twist are all you need to keep your guests impressed and feel like they were treated to a luxurious event.