Go eco-friendly for your next anniversary celebration this year!

If you are like most of the people, planning an anniversary party or any party for that matter can be very challenging. You have to figure out the Theme, decor, how many people will be attending, food & drinks, games or no games and last but not least gifts! To your pleasure and hard work, everyone is happy and content. There goes another successful year hosting an anniversary party. You say goodbye to all your happy guests and then to turn around to look at what's next to the real fun! Clean up time. As you slowly throw away items into the trash exhausted from a long days work of planning and setting up your guilt kicks in, could I have done this more efficiently? Fortunately, Partytrends has come up with a great way for you to not only throw a lavish anniversary party but for less and best of eco-friendly!

Disposable supplies

Partytrends offers high-quality disposable dinnerware and supplies at an affordable price. Their items come in an array of styles, sizes, and packages. No more hours of washing dishes after company leaves or throwing away items that you could not salvage and regretting the money. Partytrends offers numerous items of disposable dining ware and supplies that are perfect for any occasion. When it comes to anniversary parties, it's often challenging to find the perfect cups, forks, and spoons that match up to the decor. Partytrends has the solution, offering high-quality plastic forks, spoons, and cups that perfectly match up to any decor.

Rewards Programs

Partytrends values it's customers and offers a rewards program. Once you register an account for them, for every dollar that is spent, you will receive a point. You can earn with them anywhere between a 3 to a 10% store credit. What a great program with already affordable prices to match! The best part is your points never expire!

Shipping options

Partytrends is located in North York, On. For many, it makes not be an option to visit their show you. Fortunately, Partytrends does offer to ship through Canada Post and UPS. Shipping can take anywhere between 1-7 business days however for every $100 and overspent party trends offers a $7 discount on standard shipping rates. That deduction increases every $100 until you get free shipping.

So when it comes to hosting an anniversary party, wedding, graduation, or any party why stress about supplies! Partytrends wants you to focus on entertaining your loved ones and friends. Party trends pride themselves on not just being eco-friendly but upscale and elegant to fit every need and every event. You'll love their mini plastic forks! Check out partytrends.ca where you will find all there items and information on costs and shipping. Let Partytrends help host your next event!