Elements You Need To Consider For An Elegant Wedding

With the average wedding in Canada for couples hovering close to $30,000, engaged couples soon learn that to have an elegant wedding, they are planning not merely a wedding, but a once in a lifetime event. There are so many details to plan, that its no wonder, hiring expensive wedding consultants are often worth it. The right consultant can make the difference between a couple (noteworthy, primarily the potential bride) can nearly be tarring her hair out and biting her nails to a nib, or sailing with confidence from fiancee into a bride.

Here are several essentials to think about when planning your own wedding according to bridal experts: 

The Wedding Venue

Wedding venues alone, tend to eat up half of a budget for a wedding. So choose carefully. Realize that many venues are booked several months in advance and there are actually two venues to consider, the wedding location and the reception location. Try to do your research on possible venues as soon as possible, and then be flexible. Ask questions such as does the reception venue allow outside catering and liquor, the use of compostable plates and silverware, or does the venue lock you into using their own catering, liquor supplier and dining ware.

Obviously, if you can choose your own catering, and use compostable plates and silverware, rather than a more formal, sit-down dinner, you'll not only save money on catering, which can be as much as $70 per person or more at some venues, but you'll build important flexibility into your wedding plans.

In Canada, Party Trends, an Ontario based company at partytrends.ca allows couples to choose from elegant fine dining ware, yet at the same time be environmentally friendly, as Part Trends products are both elegant and at the same time, biodegradable.

Plan Your Ceremony

Arrange for someone to officiate your marriage, and decorate your wedding with flowers and consider adding mood lighting. If you are planning on getting married outdoors, have a back-up plan in mind.

Arrange For A Good Photographer And Videographer

Good wedding photography is not cheap. Book ahead, and try to get both photographer and videographer from the same company to ensure consistency.

Arrange Music For The Reception

Whether you go with either a live band or a disc jockey is a matter of preference and budget. Just be sure you listen to samples of recorded tapes to select exactly what type of music you want. Remember, the appropriate music can make or break a reception.

Arrange For A Wedding Cake

Depending upon where you live, there may be many choices of a baker or few. Try to get bids, if possible, and remember, smaller and elegant is better than huge and extravagant.

Arrange For Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are of course essential and range between the most and the least expensive. Wedding planners advise to go with elegant but simple, but regardless, don't go overly cheap like George Costanza on Seinfeld who's fiancee died from licking toxic wedding invitations.

Arrange For Parking

At a resort of country-club, parking is no problem, but if you choose an outdoor location, be sure you have valets and places to park cars.

Arrange For All The Other Essential Details

There are dozens of other details including:

  • Arranging for transportation at the wedding for family members.
  • Securing hotel arrangements for important family members, brides, and groomsmen who travel from out of town.
  • Picking out bridesmaid dresses to go with the bride's dress.
  • Choosing whom to invite to the wedding.