DIY Wedding Decor: Strung Heart Garland |

DIY Wedding Decor: Strung Heart Garland |

This 3-D heart bunting is pretty and a great project to incorporate some handmade charm into your wedding, as well as a great way to connect with your bridesmaids before the big day!

For a bunting of good length, purchase a heart punch from your local craft store. The small investment (about $10) will save your wrists from cutting hundreds of hearts out! You will also need coloured craft paper, glue, and string.

Stamp out hearts for the length of your bunting. Each section of the bunting will use two hearts.

Once the hearts are punched, cut a length of thin string and begin gluing on the hearts. Lay one heart down (backside up). Centre a small line of glue, then quickly layer the string on top and another heart (backside down). Measure a few inches and continue the process.

Once all the hearts are laid and dried, fold the top and bottom hearts away from one another for a pretty 3D effect.

Run the lengths of garland around cardboard dividers and tape in place as you go. This will make it easier to transport without getting tangled.

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