Cool Party Trends That You Need To Know

Hosting a party does not have to be stressful. Having friends and family over should actually be an enjoyable event. There are so many types of parties that you can host. The most basic are birthday, anniversary, baby showers, bridal showers and reunions but the list literally can go on and on. You can host a sports themed party, a mardi gras party or a beach themed party. No matter what your reason for hosting there are a few party trends that are definitely popular across the board. Eco-Friendly, Country Chic, Glam and Glitz and simply casual parties all make for wonderful themes.

Eco Friendly

Everyone seems to be paying attention to their carbon footprint lately. Being green and eco-friendly can be achieved while throwing a party. When you are looking for the plastic ware for you party you will find that has plastic shot glasses. It is not always reasonable to have glass brought in to all of your parties but fear not because plastic can be recycled. Your table cloths, plastic serving dishes and glasses can all be reused by being recycled after your event. Set up a recycle can at your event for your guests to utilize. If you hire a serving crew you can set the recycle can up out of site and let your staff know that you want all plastic items including the plastic shot glasses to be recycled.

Barnyard Inspired

Country chic is definitely hitting the party scene hard. Many people are opting for home made and simplistic invitations and decorations. features a wide selection of plastic serving dishes and utensils that will perfectly accent any barn style event. You can also find wholesale shot glasses which will end up saving you more money that can be put back towards your party. The wholesale shot glasses do not need to be used strictly for alcoholic beverages. Many party hosts are creating mini dessert tables. The shot glasses are used to offer small servings of cheese cakes, mousse desserts and even tiny truffles. The shot glasses are the perfect size to please any sweet tooth and they fit nicely on accent decorative dessert tables.

Glitz and Glamour

Sweet 16 birthday parties as well as showers have trended towards the glitz and glamour scene. These are easily achieved by accenting the space with metallic colored balloons and plastic serving ware. The streamers can be muted down to basic tones such as gray, black and white. These will work well with the silver and gold metallic balloons. Seat covers and lavish table cloths will top off this look. No glitz and glam party is complete without a photo booth and over the top goody bag.

Simple and Casual

While the barnyard chic and Glitz and Glamour parties are fun to create and attend there is just something comforting about a simple and casual party. You can host your family reunion, shower or birthday party in a simple and welcoming space. Consider using a church basement, picnic grove or large living room. Food is served on basic plastic ware and punch is served in an inviting punch bowl. Family and friends love to linger in the kitchen and on the couches while they talk about their lives and enjoy a nice meal. These simple get together events can still be decorated with photo boards and guests can be encouraged to share their most cherished memories. To add a bit of pizzazz to the space you can incorporate some warm and inviting neutral table cloths and cozy chair covers. This will allow your guests to unwind and feel as though they are at home.