Choose the Best Unbreakable Wine Glasses for Your Event

Coming up with a theme or style for a wedding, holiday party, swanky soiree or another type of social event? Every aspect of your themed occasion depends on well-appointed attention to detail—a feast for all the senses. Chances are, the wine will be flowing, and so, choosing the perfect eye-catching stemware will be essential to your party planning.

Of course, breakage is a common concern for glass stemware, from shipping and transport through setup, and then at the event itself. Now you can give yourself peace of mind, every step of the way with the best unbreakable wine glasses. Sounds great, right? Eliminate or at least minimize those cringe-worthy “oops moments” dreaded by guests, setup and wait-staff. No more sounds of crashing glassware disrupting your event.

Style AND Affordability—Why Stop at a Glass Half Full?

Among the benefits of this drink-ware option…there’s no need to sacrifice style and elegance for affordability. That’s why today’s budget-savvy party planners, caterers, and hosts are choosing this option for themselves and/or their clients. Also, you can minimize replacements at far less cost. Some selections are reusable, some are for one-time use enabling super easy cleanup, and all are recyclable.

Today’s best unbreakable wine glasses have evolved beyond functionality into stylish offerings that will enhance any type of theme you dream up. Shop styles, colors, and shapes galore to enhance a truly magical table setting, a gala extravaganza, or a chill lounge vibe to name just a few.

Memories in the Making

Add extra sparkle in person, in memories, and in media to significant moments such as a celebratory toast. Imagine giving that toast and quaffing from silver-colored champagne flutes for a silver anniversary party or wedding reception. Bubbly wines look amazing in sleek, modern, minimalist stemware designed with a twist—literally—your guests will sip from a twisted column wine glass. Some options even have the appearance of the cut crystal, while other designs feature a metallic-looking rim. Perhaps you’ll succumb to the ohs and ahas of a daring yet elegant solid black wine glass that exudes opulence, glamour, and sophistication.

Your Go-To Resource for Wine Glasses

So cross this off your to-do list and get ready to pop those corks! Browse great selection of the best unbreakable wine glasses with the look of real glass sans the usual risks. No order is too big or too small—from intimate dinner parties to mega-events. Choose your favorite styles in sets of six or cases of 72. Oh, and stock up with bulk rates for super savings.

Partytrends will help ensure your occasion is a fabulous success and your guests say cheers to an event well done.