Bringing your A-Game to Your New Catering Business

So you found that you want to start a catering business and cater to businesses, banquets, maybe weddings and parties, or any other event you can think of. It doesn't matter whether you are a caterer that serves primarily finger foods like yummy sandwiches and cheese platters, or a caterer that serves elegant dishes such as lobster or a five-star steak, every catering company must have a solid footing to become profitable and give customers what they want and a service that exceeds what they even paid for! So, when you are first starting your catering business, how do you go about bringing your A-game and making sure that your business has a solid foundation so you become successful and profitable in no time!

Give Your Clients Complete Assurance and Accountability

One way you are going to get more business is by giving your clients a guarantee that the job is going to be done right, and that your employees are going to be held to the highest standards possible. The first way to do this is by giving your clients a money-back guarantee. If something goes wrong, or your business messes up, say that the entire event is on you, and offer them their money back. Also show them how you hold your employees accountable, whether that be showing them that you do background and drug tests, or telling them specifically how you handle any poor performance they may have as quickly as possible so the issue is addressed and the event can go on. This gives your potential client the feeling of assurance that you care how their event goes and that you will do everything in your power to make sure it all goes we, and that the food is delicious.

Give Your Clients Service Customized to them

Your clients want to feel as though they are important and their event is not just a paycheck for you. You can give them this feeling by offering to tailor all of your services to fit exactly what they want and need for their event. Find out the type of food they want, how many courses they want to be served, and in what type of setting and with what type of dishes that are to be displayed. Make all of their options customized so they fit their exact specifications and makes them feel as though you listen and care about what they want.

Include Dinnerware that is elegant and unique

Plastic and aluminum dinnerware may be easiest to clean up as you can simply throw everything away in a matter of minutes, and it may be suitable for some occasions, but not all of your clients want to see plastic or aluminum and it can leave them feeling as though you don't care how your food is presented. Find some dinnerware that is versatile but can be elegant and quirky as well. You want your business to stand out so that other people at the event ask your client who their caterer is. Having elegant and quirky dinnerware not only makes the food that you're serving look better but sets you apart and can drum up a new business as well.

Save money and buy caterware utensils online

A big problem that caterers, especially those who are new to the game, run into are spending almost all the money they make on equipment and utensils to serve the food with at the current event or next event they cater. There is a way to combat this so you get grade-A utensils without spending an exorbitant amount of money. You can buy plastic dinner plates wholesale, get utensils online, and buy everything in bulk so that in the end you save money. By doing simple actions such as buy plastic dinner plates wholesale, you will end up saving your business money that can be invested somewhere else and take your catering business to an even higher level!