A Few Ways to Throw a Budget and Eco-Friendly Wedding Party

You're planning out the happiest day of your life, so why not share a little bit of that happiness around? Environmentalism is a major issue that we as a society face today, and companies like PartyTrends.ca have made it their mission to help you throw the wedding party you've always wanted. If you're interested in going the environmental route, here are a few things you can do to keep your wedding and your pockets as green as possible.

Go For Disposable!

When it comes to the wedding dinner, dishes are the first and last thing on anyone's mind. You plan the place settings, lay everything out, and at the end of the day, you have to either clean all of them yourself, pay someone to do it for you, or throw all of them out. The last option is the absolute opposite of eco-friendly, the first option sounds like a nightmare, and the second one, a surefire way to break the bank. Eco friendly disposable plates for wedding parties might be the answer to your problems. Many dinnerware companies offer environmentally friendly alternatives to the classic "paper, plastic, or fine china" dilemma that so many couples face today, with PartyTrends.ca even offering paper straws and eco-friendly combo packages.

Make it a Decoration Do-Over

Still deciding on a theme? If you haven't picked out your flowers yet, how about forgoing the flowers altogether? They're an expensive part of an already expensive day, and can often require a lot of care. Shipping them in also contributes to your wedding's carbon footprint, and the actual flowers don't last very long. Instead, you could consider folding paper flowers, or upcycling old objects into a chic new type of arrangement. Another alternative to the traditional florist is going all natural and finding out which wildflowers are in season! If you go this route, remember to check what does and doesn't work for allergies and which plants are safe to handle. Some people also choose to go the artificial flower route, meaning that their arrangements can be preserved forever, or reused for other occasions.

Reduce, Reuse...Replant?

Start small: If you'd like to make sure your guests recycle their wedding invite, make it a plantable one! If you're checking to make sure that the seeds you're sending are kitchen-friendly ones, or tailoring the seed-vites by invitee location, you can help cut down on invasive species and offer a little environmental education to boot! Include a little information on the plant paper to help your green gift bloom. If you'd like to start a little bit bigger, make your wedding favors plantable as well. Look into something that's bee friendly, or let guests choose between the plants that work best for their location. If you make the favors by hand, you're cutting back on carbon usage and cash spending as well.

The Idea Is To Make It Special!

Whatever you decide to do to make your wedding special, whether it's picking out eco friendly disposable plates for wedding dinners or making a beautiful bouquet out of old fabrics, you can find someone to help you get the job done. Start early, and find companies that share your greenest goals, decide what route you want to go with your decorations, or even just make the choice to do something small for the natural world around you—you could even send a seed-vite!