5 Things to Consider When Choosing Plate Chargers

An elegant dinner party. A romantic wedding. A formal event. What do they all have in common? Food, food, and more glorious food!

Not to mention the fabulous decor and table settings. If you’re planning one of these special events, chances are your mind is swirling with ideas for decorations. Even if the food choices are settled, you still have a million ideas churning away for the centrepieces, the menu cards, the dinner plates and plate chargers.

Charger plates have been in use since about the 19 th century. These days, it’s one of the most popular decorations on the table since Martha Stewart hit the dinner scene. Since plate chargers are purely decorative items, they give you an opportunity to exercise your creativity. Food never actually touches them. They sit under the dinner plates and bowls and remain in place until the main meal is finished.

So what should you consider when choosing the plate chargers? Here are 5 things to think about when designing a special look for your table settings:

1. Complementary Colours

Exquisite patterns, solid colours or picture plates? With the trend towards simplicity, plate chargers in solid black or gold have become popular at dinner parties and formal events.

Using a complementary colour for the plate charger can accentuate other items at your table setting, such as the centrepiece, table linens, and napkin rings. Or, try a colour contrasting with the dinner plates and cutlery. For example, imagine a black tie affair theme:

Black charger plates topped with white plastic plates, topped with black plastic bowls, and white napkins held with black napkin rings. This look can be complemented by a set of gold cutlery tied up with black ribbon. Very sophisticated!

2. Complementary Sizes

Check the size of your plate chargers to make sure they’ll fit properly under the dinner plates. Most plate chargers are 13 or 14 inches and designed to complement standard 12-inch dinner plates so the accent colour of the plate charger shows. But double-check your sizes to be sure. There’s no point in having beautiful plate chargers that can’t be seen!

3. Materials

Will you choose plastic, acrylic, wood, bamboo, glass or metal? There are even chargers made from natural materials such as herb stalks and shrub branches. Acrylic plate chargers, disposable plates and plastic plates are a great choice because they’re unbreakable and easy to clean.

4. Shapes

Some party planners are now opting for square chargers, or even more unusual shapes such as octagonal or oval. The most popular plate chargers are still round to match most dinner plates.

5. Styles

Modern styles are starting to eclipse the traditional look of antique, beaded or beveled plate chargers. The current trend is toward simple, clean designs without any extra adornments.

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