5 Hottest Christmas Party Trends | Partytrends.ca

5 Hottest Christmas Party Trends | Partytrends.ca

5 Ideas for Xmas Party

Now is the time to start planning your Christmas celebration. Though Christmas is a few weeks away, it will be here before you know it. If you want to host a Christmas party that your guests will remember, you need to start putting together the menu and decor now.

Learning about the hot trends will give you some great ideas to design a party that your guests will love. Here are the top 5 Christmas party trends to consider for your celebration this year:

Elegant Disposable Dinnerware

You don't have to get out your finest china to host a dinner party, but you shouldn't sacrifice style for convenience. You can make an impression while also making cleanup a breeze by choosing elegant disposable dinnerware. You can get disposable party supplies that include everything from disposable wine goblets to elegant disposable plates. Some look so nice you can't tell the difference from the real thing until you hold them in your hands.

Monochromatic Decor

For an elegant look, choose a single color for your decor. Consider how beautiful your table will look all decked out in gold linens, gold tableware and gold goblets. Or maybe you prefer silver or crystal. The monochromatic theme will make a big impact and will create a sophisticated look for your table. Just make sure you choose different textures or hues to create some variation even among the same-colored items. Otherwise, some items could become washed out and the look could be bland.

Combination Theme

Many people have friends and family members that celebrate Christmas and Chanuka. If you want to make your party more inclusive, you can include decor for both holidays. Some even go so far as to name their celebration a Christmakuh party. Creating the theme is as simple as choosing wholesale party supplies that reflect both holidays, such as napkins with Chanuka designs and napkins with Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Ugly Sweaters

You can invite your guests to adhere to a dress code when they attend your party. One of the hottest trends right now is to ask guests to don their "ugliest" Christmas sweaters. These sweaters have loud, garish designs, glitter, beads and more. The more tacky the sweater, the better. Invite your guests to try to outdo each other with their best-worst sweaters.

Cookie Swap

You don't have to host a gourmet dinner party or a huge soiree to have a Christmas party to remember. Even simple concepts can lead to a party that your guests will love. Consider hosting a cookie swap, which is very in style right now. You will need to make a few dozen of your favorite cookie, and each of your guests will make a few dozen of their favorite cookies. At the party, you'll all sample what the guests have brought, and everyone can load up a tin of their favorites to take home.

Learning about some of the hot trends for Christmas parties can help you come up with some ideas to make your next get together sensational. Buying disposable party supplies at www.partytrends.ca can make cleanup a breeze without sacrificing the style you want to create for the party. Consider some of these top trends for your next party and make this Christmas season one to remember.