5 Easy Tips to Organise Great Cocktail Party | Partytrends.ca

5 Easy Tips to Organise Great Cocktail Party | Partytrends.ca

Ideas to Organize a Great Cocktail Party

Ringing in the New Year may have put you in a celebratory mood. You may already be looking forward to the next time you can get together with family and friends while sipping a few cocktails and sharing some laughs. Anytime is a good time for a cocktail party. You don't have to wait until the next holiday to have a great time with friends and family.

Here are five tips to throw a fabulous cocktail party any time of year:

Put Together a Collection of Great Drinks

Of course, at the heart of any cocktail party are the cocktails. Put together a collection of drinks that will appeal to all your guests. In addition to a few types of beer and wine, you should offer up a few classic cocktail options, like margaritas, martinis, and daquiris. Stock up on liquors and mixers such as juice and tonic water so that guests can make their own requests.

Choose a signature cocktail for your party also. Make it something fun and unique.

Offer a Variety of Cocktail Glasses

You don't have to run out and buy a bar's worth of cocktail glasses. However, your cocktail party won't feel quite the same if you serve up your drinks in mason jars.

Buy plastic cocktail glasses at this store so you can serve your guests in the stemware that they expect without spending an arm and a leg. Plastic stemware glasses include plastic martini glasses, plastic margarita glasses, plastic wine glasses and more. They will look the part and make the party seem more festive.

Serve Great Appetizers

Appetizers will help keep the conversation flowing during your cocktail party and ensure that your guests don't get too tipsy while drinking. Serve a variety of appetizers, including savory options like stuffed mushrooms or bruschetta and fresh produce like a crudite platter.

Play Good Music

You want the conversation to keep moving during your party, but lulls are bound to happen. Without music, those silences will be deafening. Good music will not only fill the gaps in conversation, but they'll make your guests feel more festive.

Provide Enough Seating

A lot of guests will walk around and mingle during your cocktail party, but some will prefer to sit down if they get absorbed in a great conversation. Make sure there's enough seating, and that it's arranged in conversational settings. Put out chairs, benches, even oversized bean bags.

With the right cocktails and some plastic cocktail glasses, everything else will fall into place. Start planning your next cocktail party today.