3 Unique Dessert Table Decorating Ideas for Children's Party | Partytrends.ca

3 Unique Dessert Table Decorating Ideas for Children's Party | Partytrends.ca

How to Style a Dessert Table for Children

Desserts are usually the best part of any party. When you're planning a kids' party, it's no doubt that they're the star of the celebration. Why not play up their special place by serving them up in a creative way?

Arranging your dessert table in a creative way can enhance your theme and make your party even more festive. Here are three creative ideas to consider for the dessert table at your next kids' party:

Rainbow of Desserts

Rainbows are a popular theme for a kids' party no matter the occasion and no matter the time of year. Plus, they are an easy design to emulate.

Arrange your desserts by color into a rainbow pattern. If you are serving cupcakes, this will be easy. Just lay them out by color in arches on the table. If you are serving other desserts, just separate them by color onto small plastic serving plates and arrange the plates accordingly. Candy, decorated cookies, tarts and other desserts can easily be plated on disposable serving trays and sorted by color.

Dessert Tree

You can also arrange your desserts vertically. Shop for tiered platters and place your serving dishes on them. You can feature a variety of desserts this way.

Choose from a variety of desserts in an array of colors to make for a more interesting display. Add festive decorations like glitter sprays and confetti to make the display even more attractive.

Cartoon Character

If you are ambitious and you are the artistic type, you can create a dessert table in the shape of a cartoon character. For example, yellow cupcakes can be arranged in the shape of a giant Pikachu.

Get creative to design the cartoon character of your choosing. Place candy in small serving dishes and arrange those dishes in the right shape. Create a large sheet cake and decorate it accordingly with icing and candy. Look at the desserts and candies in your disposable serving trays as your "paints" and the table as your "canvas."

Creating a fun dessert table can be a great accent to your next kids' party, whether you are celebrating a birthday, the end of the school year or another occasion. All you need is a variety of desserts and several sizes of plastic food serving trays from Partytrends range. A little imagination goes a long way, too.