Tiny Table Setting Ideas For an Adorable Baby Shower

Girl or a boy? Blue eyes or brown? Blonde, black, brunette or red? So many questions are swirling around in the new Mom’s head. One thing everyone can be sure of? The new addition will be a tiny bundle of joy for everyone involved in the shower.

Strike a chord with an adorable baby shower that has a ‘tiny’ theme. Ditch the traditional pink and blue in favour of a new, creative shower idea based on size! Have some fun contrasting tiny clothes, tiny table settings, and tiny decorations with big presents, a giant punch bowl, fabulously large flowers, and beautifully big centerpieces.

Here are a few thoughts to get your imagination running with tiny table setting ideas:

Tiny disposable dishes vs large cake stand

Decorate your table with strawberry and cream treats in some mini plastic triangle dishes. Place them all around your big fancy fruit flan or other tasty confection on a large cake stand.

Tiny tumblers vs large parfait cups

Your guests will love your bite-sized appetizers in tiny plastic tumblers set on large plastic disposable plates or bowls to accentuate the difference. Let them choose between a couple of bites and a larger parfait cup. Clear plastic tumblers with lids will show off the pretty layers of your desserts.

Mini plastic cutlery vs large serving spoons

With all these tiny bites you’re offering, you’re going to need some tiny plastic cutlery to match. Use a variety of mini temptation forks and spoons.Try some cute mini tensils, tongs and ladles to match your serving sizes. In contrast of course, you’ll need some larger plastic cutlery and a large ladle for your giant punch bowl!

Large disposable dishes vs tiny dishes

If you’re having a buffet table, set up a pattern of disposable dishes at the front of the line. Place stacks of tiny square plastic plates around your medium and large square plates. Make it artistic by playing with the colours. For example, place two stacks of large blue plastic plates surrounded by three stacks of medium-sized green plates and five stacks of tiny purple plates. Top off the look with some clear mini cylinders for little carrot and celery sticks or salad dressing.

Remember, even if the baby is small, the mother-to-be may be feeling a bit big at this point, so make sure your whimsical theme gives her a reason to smile! You know she’s dreaming about her love for the little package she’s about to present to the world. At her baby shower, have fun with good friends and family, reflecting the tiny versus large experience with table settings, good food and decorations to match.

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