How to Switch over to Spring with Easy Table Setting Ideas

Winter is almost over and like many, you’re counting the days until spring. Your mind turns to warmer weather, sunshine and family gatherings. Suddenly, you’re thinking of Easter dinner – you’re hosting this year! You’ve decided to start planning early, so it’s time to start thinking of the party essentials and how to dress up the dinner table.

If you’re looking for some special party decor, try some of these ideas to make your table setting a little different this year. Easter and spring are times of rebirth, renewal and fresh colours, so take advantage of everything spring has to offer when considering your table setting and centrepieces.

Welcome spring with fresh fruit and flower centrepieces

Try adding a bit of tanginess to your party decor. Slice up a bunch of lemons and limes. Fill a clear acrylic pitcher with the slices, some water and maybe a little food colouring for extra vibrancy. Pop in a bunch of pretty posies for a burst of fresh colour and set it on the table for a fruity, flowery centrepiece.

Wine glass centrepieces for an elegant Easter dinner

Dress up your table setting with some elegant disposable wine glasses, dried flowers and Easter eggs. Place four or five bunches of dried flowers on a plastic cake stand with decorated Easter eggs near each bunch. Turn your wine glasses upside down on top of each arrangement. Then top off each wine glass base with some mini Easter eggs or jellybeans. Scatter additional dried flowers and eggs around the cake stand. Arrange some coloured tissue paper around the base of the stand and tie it off with some ribbon.

Trifle bowl centrepieces

Get a large clear plastic trifle bowl, and fill it full of brightly coloured Easter eggs or jellybeans. If you’re lucky enough to have some spring garden blooms, take small branch cuttings of forsythia or magnolia and wedge them into place so the jellybeans or eggs support them.

Add a decorative set of highball glasses

When you don’t have a lot of space at your table setting, a group of tall slim glasses with heavy bases can grace the table as a centerpiece and still leave room for dishes. Fill the glasses with coloured sand or beads and place them on a charger plate. Clip your branch cuttings as above, and plunge them into the base. This time hang lightweight Easter eggs from the branches with thread. Your guests will love seeing your colourful decorations dangling from the branches.

Set up a domed bunny town!

Do you like tiny Christmas towns complete with figurines? For Easter, why not build a bunny town inside a dome with tiny figures as your centrepiece? Use a clear acrylic cake plate with a lid. Put in your coloured Easter grass as a base and add miniature eggs, bunnies, squirrels, flowers and other tiny figurines. Pop the lid back on and enjoy watching your kids as they imagine the critters scampering about looking for Easter treasures inside their covered town.

You have a beautiful home where creativity abounds as much the love you feel for your family and friends. Treat them to your special talent for innovative party decor using all the party essentials. If you want more table setting ideas, visit Partytrends or call us at 1-888-405-8757.